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One Night Stand T-Shirts

By 12th December 2006One Comment

ONS Shirts

The crazy cats over at have an excellent selection of funny/offensive (depends on your sense of humour I suppose) tees in retro and vintage styles. In fact they look like ordinary slogan tees until you take the time to actually read the words, but as the guys say:

Are the t-shirts offensive? Probably. Are the t-shirts funny? We think so. Should you buy one for your mother? Probably not.

These shirts could be a good gift for a student buddy and with the “20% OFF Purchases of $50 or Greater” coupon code 9cymh2sv you could get a Christmas present and treat yourself at the same time. The shirts are printed onto American Apparel shirts, the garment of choice for boutique t-shirt web stores like ONS.

One Comment

  • fotodog13 says:

    These shirts definitely are pushing the envelope of what one would consider “in good taste” but that being said I personally find them to be pretty humorous.
    I work the front desk at Naked Motel a small indie clothing firm that is trying to push the envelope of sexuality without crossing into the vulgar or gross category. Most of the current designs revolve around the company’s trademarked name Naked Motel targeted to young women,the shirts seem to be selling pretty good. It would appear to me that men arn’t the only ones that are thinking about sex.

    Just my two cents.