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Pop Quiz

By 6th November 2005April 11th, 20173 Comments

As the Indigo Sporting Manager, HR consultant, and official quizmaster, I’ve formulated a little quiz full of pearls of wisdom. The only rule is that googling is NOT allowed! A free T Shirt to the first person to answer all correctly!

  • Can you name the six states of the former Soviet Union of which the titular nationalities are Muslim?
  • What is the world’s loudest mammal in terms of decibel output?
  • Why is the alarm system of the Ballantine’s Dumbarton whisky distillery in Scotland famous?
  • How many roads are there in the Square Mile?
  • Who is the wealthiest man in the world?
  • What do George Earle Buckle, Henry Wickham Steed and Robert McGowan Barrington-Ward have in common?
  • In which city did the word ‘quiz’ originate?


  • Legal Eagle says:

    1) Azerbijan, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Armenia

    2) Rhino

    3) Because it uses PDX technology

    4) One. (Bunhill Row)

    5) Depends on your analysis of secret/ constructive trusts

    6) They were all monks of Ampleforth

    7) Quebec.

    AM I RIGHT??????????

  • Legal Eagle says:

    b*gger. just googled the answers.

  • Annie says:

    1) who wants to be a Muslim state when you can be a monk of Ampleforth anyway??

    2) anything about to be shot by R Heathcote? (he needs something obvious to aim for)

    3) Because it has a fast response time…and I’ll show you that in half an hour

    4) No roads, but lots of dirt tracks

    5) the man who manufactures special tents in Suffolk made from th skin of cranberries (big demand)

    6) They were the original manufacturers of a very special type of chutney?

    7) H14, Leander car park, Friday of Henley perchance?