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By 19th November 2005April 11th, 20172 Comments

Threadless is an ongoing tee shirt design competition. Two to three designs are chosen every week from 300+ submissions to be printed and sold from their site with the winning designers receiving $500 in cash and prizes.

The project was started in January of 2000 by two Chicago area designers, Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart. Since then over 200 winning designs have been chosen for print from more than 30,000 submissions. One of our clients, Paul Bisceglia, who has set up his own private label called Mr. Funkleberry, produced one of Threadless’s most popular designs; Touch Me.

I you are a t-shirt fan or would like to buy a Christmas gift with a difference, then the site is well worth a visit. They ship to the UK quickly and international postage is not too high.


  • sonic says:

    Thx, good one. Since 2000?! Why didn’t i stumble over this one years ago?
    Check this one as a little tip in return: a 40 sec video clip on how to fold up tshirt in 3 secs with one seamless hand-move… japanese, i just can’t do what they’re showing there, but it looks so cool…


  • fashiongirl says:

    This kind of t-shirt is what I am looking for.