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3 Ways to Wear Hoodies

By 28th June 2014August 3rd, 2018One Comment

Hoodies are known for being super comfortable and casual. But with this type of clothing, you don’t just have to throw it on, pair it with sweat pants, and hope no one pays much attention to your “just rolled out of bed” look. Instead, you can actually stay in style without having to get rid of your collection of hoodies. Here’s how.

Wear It with Lots of Layers

Hoodies are perfect for layering, especially on days when you don’t know how cold or warm it’s going to get. So wear whatever you feel like wearing for the day, and then top it all off with a hoodie. Just make sure the hoodie you choose is made with thin material that’s not too thick so you don’t look bulky…unless that’s the look you’re going for!

Dress It Up

Hoodies don’t have to be strictly casual. You can add a little pizzazz and even a sense of fashion to this type of clothing by accessorising it. For example, you should wear some jewelry, a nice scarf, or dressy shoes if you want to look a little classy while still wearing your beloved hoodie. The result is the perfect look for a night out when it’s too cold to wear the typical dressy apparel.

Zip It Up or Zip It Down

Before you put together a whole outfit with your hoodie, try out a few different looks. In particular, check out how your hoodie looks with the zipper up compared to when the zipper is down. You might find that when you keep your hoodie unzipped, it contrasts with whatever shirt you are wearing, depending on how busy the graphic design on it is. In that case, zipping it up might be your best bet. On the other hand, you might discover that the clothes you are wearing under the hoodie complement it well, which means you should leave it unzipped. Just take a look in the mirror or ask your friends what they think if you’re not sure.

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One Comment

  • Eliza Annis says:

    Nice blog, Modern generation wants to look crazy and hot so they prefer to wear hoodies. It is new trend but it protects from cold also.