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Art Without a Roof

This morning’s cuppa tee read comes from the very home of the beloved t-shirt, and what an inspiring read it was. ‘Art Without a Roof’ are a American social enterprise company, offering homeless creative minds a chance to make a difference, based in San Fransisco. Masterpieces created by homeless artists are converted to printed t-shirts […]


In today’s news, camera giants Nikon launched a selfie stick, confirming the world has finally gone self(ie) obsessed. According to Wikipedia, the selfie stick first appeared in 1984, some 16 years before a mobile phone even boasted a camera. 31 years later and the product is fast becoming a necessity of life, with the item […]

Trade Only Offers

Digital printing is now a huge bulk of our daily work here at Indigo. Traditional screen print only outlets might be missing a key area for customers wanting cheaper prints for tonal, photographic and colourful designs, We now offer trade only prices to other print outlets within the UK. Please email [email protected] for more information […]

Garment Price Increases

We have been notified by a number of our suppliers that due to particular market forces they have had no alternative but to increase prices on a number of their products. Although some products are increasing in price, there are also several styles that have been reduced. There are a number of reasons why these […]

Woody Allen sues American Apparel

The famous actor and director, Woody Allen, is suing American Apparel for more than $10m (£5m) after the US clothing company allegedly used his image on advertisements without permission. According to the Guardian newspaper: American Apparel claimed “the image of Allen dressed as a Hassidic character alongside Yiddish text was meant strictly as a social […]

Printwear & Promotion 2008

This weekend sees the start of the annual Printwear & Promotion Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham (Sunday 2nd to Tuesday 4th March). It is a time when all the brands and suppliers get together under one roof and people plod along the aisles with carrier bags full of promotional clothing catalogues, samples and free […]