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By 7th April 2015No Comments

In today’s news, camera giants Nikon launched a selfie stick, confirming the world has finally gone self(ie) obsessed. According to Wikipedia, the selfie stick first appeared in 1984, some 16 years before a mobile phone even boasted a camera. 31 years later and the product is fast becoming a necessity of life, with the item being listed in Time magazine’s 25 best inventions of 2014. Now its common practice to see them pretty much everywhere you go, including Indigo HQ. We are now offering clients customised selfie sticks. A perfect solution to a unique branded piece of merchandise, that you can be sure will captivate an audience, literally. Join the masses and don’t forget to #selfie !

selfie stick50 selfie sticks with a 1-col print from £7.99 per item, ex set up, vat and delivery. T&C’s apply. Enquiries here.