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This morning’s cuppa tee read comes from the very home of the beloved t-shirt, and what an inspiring read it was. ‘Art Without a Roof’ are a American social enterprise company, offering homeless creative minds a chance to make a difference, based in San Fransisco.

Masterpieces created by homeless artists are converted to printed t-shirts and other select merchandise, and made available to purchase through their website, with proceeds then churned back into society where they are needed most. Causes they support include expressive art projects in the local community as well as charities chosen by the artist themselves. They have also teamed up with local organisations to help homeless youths gain an education, with funding towards scholarships. AWR also ensure that all aspects are as organic as possible, using local manufacturers, and recycled packaging. They aim to make a difference in all aspects of the spectrum.

The online store can be found here, with our clear fave being the Sunset beauty pocket tee.