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New Indigo Clothing Web Site

We had lived with the old website design long enough and behind the scenes was cobbled together with various coding technologies and third party scripts. A fresh, light, new design was urgently needed so come March 2012, along came the broom and the site was redone from¬†scratch. The new Indigo Clothing is built in […]

Barcamp T-Shirts

Indigo has been a fan of the tech community for many years and this shows in our client list, having worked with WordPress, MySpace, Microsoft and, more recently, with Spotify. So it is only natural we have decided to take more of an active role in the UK internet scene and we have decided to […]

Autumn Embroidery Price Drop

With gloomy talk of benefit cuts, cotton price increases and a VAT rise in January, you may think there isn’t much good news around at the moment. However, Indigo Clothing has had an Autumn price review and the good news is that we have slashed our embroidery prices by up to 60%! This is because […]

The Peoples Music Awards

Indigo Clothing was proud to be a sponsor of The Peoples Music Awards held on 17 April 2010. Congratulations to all the winners! Indigo produces a lot of merchandise for record labels, bands and music groups as concession sales are great sources of income and promotion. (more…)

T-Shirt Video

Okay, so maybe I am a few weeks behind in discovering this t-shirt video on You Tube but I had to post it. A clever stop-motion film involving 222 different printed t-shirts and a lot of patience. It of course went viral and the creators sold the sweaty tees for $30 a pop.