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Indigo’s FCUK “Sim Dou” Leaves the Team

By 19th April 2011No Comments

Simon ‘Sim Dou’ Douay brought many things to the Indigo office during his tenure as our French intern.

Of course there was the obligatory wine and cheese on Friday afternoons that Simon had often sourced from the deepest vaults of his home village in the farthest regions of rural France (slight exaggeration perhaps).  He also introduced the nonchalant continental “yes” to our vocabularies which seems to be both a statement of intent, agreement and closure of the conversation all rolled into one.

Team Player

His ‘boy-to-man’ moment came upon a request from Alex to design a ‘Lazy Susan’ equivalent for our mannequin. In a MacGyver-esque spark of genius he took one look at the motor in our unused scanner and KNEW he had to make it work for our mannequin. The rest, as they say, was “Doustry”.

From a personal point of view I have always prided myself in slipping in casual bits of my pidgin French when dealing with French friends. However Simon has finally called me out and made me realise just ‘ow tereeble’ my attempts are. Good on him. Casually incorrect colloquialisms no more.

There is also the small matter of the work he has done for Indigo in making sure all our websites are up and running correctly for 2011. No mean feat in itself and something all of us here massively appreciate.

So Sim Dou bon chance on your future endeavours and you always have a place here at Indigo!