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Jerzees Colours – Fresh and Refreshed Fleece Range

Jerzees Colours are launching our improved range of Outdoor fleeces exclusively to the UK this October. In recent years, the outdoor fleece market has evolved and more fashionable products have entered the marketplace. They want to continue to offer our customers products that look good, perform and provide real value for money. Their refreshed and […]

20% Student Cashback

We are all pretty excited here at the Indigo office as for the Autumn season, and for the return of students to university, we have cooked up an extra special promotion for hard-up academics in the form of a student cashback deal on core products such as t-shirts, hoodies and rugby shirts. To claim the […]

Cambridge University Student Discount

Working in conjunction with the Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU), Indigo are pleased to announce a special student discount for Cambridge students on Gildan and SAF (organic) products. Indigo has always had close links with the university and we have many clients in the town from nearly all departments and colleges. To find out more […]

Leavers Hoodies

It is that time of year again – ‘Leavers Hoodies‘ organising time. So you have been tasked with kitting out your year in comfy, hard wearing and good looking hoodies, each with a custom name on the back (you should see some of the names we have printed over the years -“Jazzhands Jen ‘Oops, I […]