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Time to say goodbye? Recycle your Jeans with Howies

By 20th November 2008No Comments

A pair of amazing jeans are the things dreams are made of. They are often your best friends; there aren’t many things in life you can rely on, utterly and completely, every single day. They’re comfortable, hug in the right places, skim over problem areas, have good pocket positioning and a well functioning fly. I’m sure you can bring to mind fond memories of a pair of your best-buds, whether they are a present companion or a past pal. Even as I write I can’t help remembering with a teary smile that pair of mid-blue, boot-cut jeans that were my second skin eight years ago, and now, as I look down upon my dark denim skinnies – folded up at the bottom because they’re a bit too long, I can feel my heart swell with gratitude and a pure, unadulterated love. But there always comes that day when the life span of a pair of jeans reaches a sorry end. It could be a rip too far, a zip failure or a detrimental discoloration that tips things over the edge and forces you to part, though now there’s something to ease the pain thanks to the lovely folks at Howies.

Go down to their Carnaby Street store, and hand in your old Howies jeans (make sure you have your goodbye ‘moment’ beforehand otherwise it could be a bit embarrassing), and then say howdy to a shiny new pair of Howies jeans and get a free T-shirt worth £25 to start your new life together. And don’t you worry about that old pair, you can trust Howies to take care of them. After an emergency dose of CPR and some bed-rest they might be sold on in store or recycled to make a brand new pair, but rest assured they’ll never forget you.

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Best friends forever