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Leavers Hoodies

By 25th April 2007April 11th, 201727 Comments


It is that time of year again – ‘Leavers Hoodies‘ organising time. So you have been tasked with kitting out your year in comfy, hard wearing and good looking hoodies, each with a custom name on the back (you should see some of the names we have printed over the years -“Jazzhands Jen ‘Oops, I Just Wee’d‘ Arthur” was one of the finest and less rude examples!) and you are not sure where to start?

  1. Why not check out Indigo’s hoodies page on our promotional clothing catalogue.
  2. To make you life easy and to save you some money, we have scrapped setup charges for Leavers hoodie orders over 50 pcs in size. That’s right – FREE SETUP.
  3. Give one of the team a call or email and we can help you find a hoodie that fits your budget.

It is that simple!

[EDIT Feb 2010: This offer is still valid for this year (2010)]


  • Kane Lamont says:

    I was just emailing about getting leavers hoodies for my year at school. I was wondering if i could get the hoodies with names and numbers on the back of the hoodies in velvet material and an embroidered crest on the front. It would be greatly appreciated if possible.

  • Alex says:


    Stephan will drop you an email.

  • Constance Siabnda says:

    hi l was wondering if tis possible to egt a quote for leavers hoodies with 08 at teh abck taht conatin names of teh students in year 13, a front crest with leavers 08 at teh bottoma and can you let me know what teh minimum order is. Also does teh order have to eb one colour or do you offer different ranges of colours. Thank you

  • Alex says:

    We will be carrying on this promotion in 2008

  • Myles Green says:

    Hi there,
    Keen to get a rough estimate of price for price per unit of a hoody which had the Leavers 08 design on the back, with the names of the puils inside it. It will be somewhere between 40 and 80 pupils.

  • Alex says:

    Hi Myles,

    Stephan will email you a quote! Have a good weekend.

  • Victoria Webb says:

    hello, i am trying to organise leavers hoodies for my year at school, basically we probably have about 50-70 students interested and we would like, 08 written on the back made out of everybody in the years names, above that an individual nickname, and on the front our school logo and class or 2008 on it? any chance you could help?


  • Alex says:

    Hi Victoria,

    Jo or Steph will send you a quote via email.

  • Toby Mullins says:

    I was intrested in leavers hoodies would you be able to print these off for my sixth form year 13. How much cost would we be looking at for around 60?

  • Alex says:


    Quote is on its way. It is advised people email their quotes to as we can’t publish quotes on the blog.

  • louisa says:

    hi i was wondering how much it would cost to have about 60 hoodies with optional colour and sizing. which would have the names of all the leavers as the 08 and leavers printed above it. and then the crest embroided at the front on the left.

  • Alex says:

    Hi Louisa,

    Stephan will email you a quote!

  • Corinne S says:


    I am a year 11 pupil looking to produce 11-15 Hoodies with an 08(with all leavers names in) with a personlised names above each one so 11-15 slitghyl different hoodies but on one order.

    is that possible and what would it cost?

  • Kitty Ho says:

    Hi I wanted to know how much would cost to have about 36 leavers hoodies with optional colour(bright red/black/white/dark grey etc.)and sizing. As for printing:-
    FRONT: Stover(in words)and its school crest at the top right hand side on hoodies. Students name writen on the side of sleeve.
    BACK: LEAVERS(cap.letter) on top and with a big number- 09 (all student names printed inside 09) go under leavers.
    How long will this take you to do?
    Thank You!

  • Alex says:

    Hi Kitty,

    This will take us 7-10 working days. Stephan will email you a quote today.


  • iggy says:

    hello, have u got a size guide please for hoodies.

  • Alex says:

    @iggy: Sizes for our hoodies are next to each product:

  • Cadi says:

    I was wondering if i could get a quote for about 150 hoodies with 09 on the back made up of the yr13’s names and then the name above and then the logo and school name on the front.

  • Dawn says:

    Hi i have been given the task of organising leavers hoodies for our sixth form. There are only about 40 of us so i was just wondering how much it would be to get them done with the school logo and name on the front then 09 made up of everyones names on the back.

  • Jamie says:

    Our college is trying to buy some hoodies with printed logos on the front and leavers 09 on the back!!!!
    We are trying to do this for as little cost as possible for our school enterprise program! We thought this we be a good idea and a good way to say bye to the people that are leaving college this year.
    Please may you email me back what the best and cheapest item you can find please???

  • Alex says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Someone from the office will drop you an email! From now on use to get quotes, etc.

  • Melissa says:

    the person at our school who was organising the leavers 09 hoodies now ‘cant be bothered’ and because of that about 15/18 people want a hoodie. i was wondering what is the lowest possible price you can give them to us, as many people dont want to be paying a lot for the hoodie

  • Hannah says:

    heya, my school are going on a trip to italy and as year 11’s are want hoodies to wear with our school initials on the front and on the back we would like ‘ITALY’ and the number 10 underneath very big and inside the ’10’ we would like names of the people going on this trip, underneath that we would like our nicknames. i’ve seen it done and wonderd if it was possible that you could do it? and what would be the possible lowest price for around 8?

  • Katie Scott says:

    Dear Indigo Clothing

    I am Head Girl of Gateways School and we would like to order 24 hoodies for our leavers next year.

    My design for the hoodie is very specific, I want a red hoody, with the pupil name and school logo on the front, and on the back a heart with the 10 in and all our names around the 10, inside the heart, our name over the heart and below the heart ‘GATEWAYS GIRLS’

    We would like the detail on the front to be stitched and the back to be printed.

    Could you reply as to whether you would be able to do this design, and how much they would cost per hoody. Could you also tell us the cost if all detail was printed?

    Kind Regards,

    Katie Scott

  • jenny says:

    can you tell me roughly how the sizes of the collage hoodies equate to womens dress sizes
    eg is 8-10 small 12-14 medium etc or is the scale different