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Imaginary French Intellectual

Can you believe that it’s approaching mid-year already? Maybe ‘mid-year’ is taking it a bit too far, but still, it’s almost March – and I’m still using each Monday morning to re-start my New Year resolutions. Back in December I promised to come to you with some exciting news in 2011, and here I am […]

Everything is Awesome

I understand that there’s a point in life when you really shouldn’t be reading children’s literature, but Dallas Clayton’s ‘An Awesome Book’ is so….erm….awesome, that I’d be happy to see sharp business men and brain surgeons alike carrying a copy proudly under their arm, and reading it whilst they commute to work/stop for a coffee/wait […]

Carry a Book

I always think that February is the best time for a good read. The excitement of Christmas is well and truly over, it’s cold, spring feels a long long way away. Being a stickler for re-reading my favourite books over and over again, I always try to use February to find new ones and break the […]

Tell me a Story Tee

It’s one of those classic scenes. You’re sat by a blazing fire, there’s likely to be a stag’s head mounted on the wall above the fireplace and the only light in the room comes from the dim flickering of the flames. Drinking mead from a pewter tankard you notice a wrinkled old man sat in […]

British Library

I used the British Library for the first time last Thursday. An incredible building not far from the Indigo Clothing offices and near Kings Cross train station. Did you know they receive a copy of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland and the collection includes 150 million items, in most known languages? Trying […]