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Carry a Book

By 23rd February 2009April 11th, 2017No Comments

I always think that February is the best time for a good read. The excitement of Christmas is well and truly over, it’s cold, spring feels a long long way away. Being a stickler for re-reading my favourite books over and over again, I always try to use February to find new ones and break the cycle of becoming almost fluent in my most loved literature. Though this February, my book reading rampage is not quite limited to paper back or hard back, borrowed from the library or bought from the bookstore, because Rebound Designs have a wide array of ‘Book Bags’, and when I say book bag I mean a real book that has now found a new lease of life…and a beady handle. The books used in this project are recycled, they’re usually books that were damaged or unwanted, and each bag is lovingly handmade. With so many to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find one of your favourite reads here.

There’s War and Peace for those Russian Lit fans, Oedipus: Myth and Complex for classicists, and then there’s even Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Fire Dragon if you fancy something a little lighter hearted. Maybe your favourite book is something a bit more obscure like: A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland by Samuel Johnson and James Boswell (a book that tormented me during my second year at University and still haunts my bookshelf…snooze), or perhaps it’s just your much loved and battered copy of Harry Potter. If you have a spare copy with a wide spine lying around, you can send it away and get it especially bound into a brand spanking new handbag, just make sure you’ve read it first because the pages will be gone when you get it back.

Intellectual Fashion (kind of)

It’s always handy to have a book in your bag (unless you’re reading something heavy and hardback that is) as you never know when you might have a few moments of boredom during the day which can be easily remedied by rustling up a quick read and a swift flick of pages. Though the Rebound Design bags are stylish, you’d have to be reading a very small, thin and lightweight book to fit it in there. If you’re looking for something a bit more practical then check out the other book bags that have made a mark in the world of reading. Many local libraries are having competitions to design very useful eco book bags. I make sure that I never go to the library without my special jute book bag that ‘May Contain Books’. With good strong handles you can carry more, borrow more and read more, a perfect February.

And if you have to do a lot of serious book carrying but have some ideas for your own designs, then why not get your personalised design screenprinted onto a book bag so that you can and beat those post-Christmas blues with a good meaty read.