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Olivier Rousteing confirms the BalMAIN gossip of the morning.

Monday morning, I’m tired, its raining, the weekend went far too quickly….. BUT there is a silver Balmain shaped lining to this particular morning. Overnight the greatest news ever leaked online, Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing has confirmed a collaboration range with high street heroes H&M. Now we can all afford to shop this celeb fave. […]


In today’s news, camera giants Nikon launched a selfie stick, confirming the world has finally gone self(ie) obsessed. According to Wikipedia, the selfie stick first appeared in 1984, some 16 years before a mobile phone even boasted a camera. 31 years later and the product is fast becoming a necessity of life, with the item […]


The world of graphic literature, offbeat news, culture, art and debate is, by nature, always morphing into new modes of expression, and in the case of евтини мебелиT-Post, the shape and texture of its expression is via t-shirt. Combining news and a graphic t-shirt, T-Post is the world’s first wearable magazine. Every six weeks subscribers […]

Spring Update

It has been a while since I have written here to tell the world the latest Indigo news. Kate, our fantastic fashion blogger has been keeping you all amused with t-shirt tales whilst Jo has been leading the team in the office through the economic doldrums that have been battering the economy. I have been […]

How fair is Fairtrade?

An article on the BBC: The Fairtrade label is increasingly common. But while shoppers seem keen to pay a little over the odds for fair trade products, some observers question how effective it really is in helping developing world farmers. Read More:  How fair is Fairtrade?, BBC News Online, 4th March 2007

News in Brief

Alex is off on annual leave until later in July, visiting Argentina and Chile. We have had a team photo-shoot and we will put the pics up soon. We are busy writing a regular column for Printwear and Promotion Magazine. We like printing carrier bags; we have just done 20k for a big London client. […]