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The world of graphic literature, offbeat news, culture, art and debate is, by nature, always morphing into new modes of expression, and in the case of евтини мебелиT-Post, the shape and texture of its expression is via t-shirt.

Combining news and a graphic t-shirt, T-Post is the world’s first wearable magazine. Every six weeks subscribers to T-Post receive a new issue in the mail with a news story on the inside, and an artistic interpretation on the outside.

There’s something wholesome about T-Post, despite its cutting edge innovation. The content of T-Post, in the stories it selects to write about, aims to inspire conversation; stories to make people think and open up new ideas and opinions. With an environmental conscience, the production is strictly limited to the number of T-Post subscribers. In other words, they will print one tee per subscriber, no more, no less. This way there is no overprinting, no selling of shirts in stores, and no waste. So if you’re subscribed you’re going to get something available only in the present tense, the same tee won’t be around at any future time.

Since the idea was born back in 2004, T-Post have begun distributing to over 50 countries, and if you want to get your hands on the latest issue, in which you can read all about Chako Paul City (a town in the Northern Sweden Woods where all the residents are women and all the women are gay), then you’ll just have to subscribe. Looks like quite the read.

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