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Faking It

Being a faker is underrated in my opinion. I love faking (not important stuff you know, but the little things). Like when you’re having a chit-chat conversation with your hairdresser and she mishears you: ‘Really? You’re a brain surgeon?!!’. There’s the brief pause where I scan the room, making sure there’s no one I know […]

Socks Appeal

Once upon a time, everyone used to get socks for Christmas, and everyone used to give socks for Christmas. Christmas became synonymous with ‘socks’ and because of this the sock ended up getting a bad reputation. Christmas gifts were too predictable, people were getting bored. Their toes might have been warm, but there was no […]

Tiny T-shirts and Pretend Shoes

Sometimes babies get the worst end of the stick fashion wise. Unable to read Vogue for a good few years, they’re completely at the mercy of Mum and Dad. Yep, it can get nasty. Some new parents dress their little critters head to toe in a mini-me outfit, others make their pre-speech kids wear t-shirts […]