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Faking It

By 26th February 2010No Comments

Being a faker is underrated in my opinion. I love faking (not important stuff you know, but the little things). Like when you’re having a chit-chat conversation with your hairdresser and she mishears you: ‘Really? You’re a brain surgeon?!!’. There’s the brief pause where I scan the room, making sure there’s no one I know there, contemplate telling her what I really do, but then decide that I could fake it. ‘Yeah, that’s right. Brain surgeon’. My friend once faked to her boyfriend, for a whole year, that she only ate grapes if they were peeled. Why? She doesn’t know, and neither do I, it was just one of those things; one of those things that you fake. Then there’s the big need for fakies when you’re in an uncomfortable social situation being bombarded with questions about obscure musicians. ‘Do you like the American Hound-dog Slobber Dobbers? Not heard of them? What about LollopopBingoDop? Not heard of them either?!! Crunk Rhyme Spitters?’ Feeling alienated from the group you fake it. You tactitly admit that yes, you have heard of the Crunk Rhyme Spitters, you love their stuff, and to make the fake more convincing, you might even hum a tune and pretend to dance to an imaginary rhythm. Faking isn’t lying, it’s a form of art.

The art form of faking extends to everyone’s favourite realm; fashion. These fakers come out with all their creative juices flowing. They love to masquerade one thing as something else.

Take the humble silk scarf and the polaroid picture. Could these guys interchange, could they fake it? Philippe Roucou, a french bag designer, has proved to the world that they can. His limited edition polaroid scarves beautifully merge the two for a top class fake, as the polaroid picture becomes a scarf. Just don’t shake it, because motion during development is bad for the image.

Another potential for fake, comes in the contrast between the sock and the sneaker. Are there ever times when socks can be sneakers? Have you ever seen anyone walking around in their naked socks, outdoors? I have, but then I’ve seen many things that would blow your mind. Among them, are these hi-top sneaker socks. They are the converse of the sock world. Pull them up high, wear them with heels, and you too can fake it.

Think Louis Vuitton can fake it? Well, I know there are a lot of Louis Vuitton fakers out there, but rest assured, this one is the real deal. One day, Louis was taking out the garbage and was struck by a wonderful prospect. Could garbage bags fake it as handbags, and more importantly, would people actually fall for it? Employing Marc Jacobs to do some sketches, he made the ultimate fake bag, then he decided it was worth $1,960, proving that money can buy garbage. Though I have to admit, they look practical and waterproof.

The final in this sequence of fakers is for all those brides-to-be. The fake components are the wedding dress and the wedding cake. My two favourite aspects of every wedding. But could the dress fake it as cake, or could cake fake it as dress? Lukka Sigurdardottir shows your how to snip the cost of your wedding in half with the aid of a simple fake. This dress would make sure the bride is the centre of attention as guests flock around to coo at her beauty and dig their forks in from waist down. What a schweeeeet fake.