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Tiny T-shirts and Pretend Shoes

By 9th October 2008April 11th, 2017One Comment

Sometimes babies get the worst end of the stick fashion wise. Unable to read Vogue for a good few years, they’re completely at the mercy of Mum and Dad. Yep, it can get nasty. Some new parents dress their little critters head to toe in a mini-me outfit, others make their pre-speech kids wear t-shirts and bibs that proclaim parental love “I heart my Daddy”. Luckily the chunky knit is coming back so the essential Grandma knitted cardigan is relatively stylish…but it can get a bit overpowering when the Grannies just can’t stop clacking those needles and a poor sprog ends up being fully fitted in a wool suit including bootees, mittens, and hat. It recently happened to my new baby cousin. I tried to save him, but those knitting fingers were on fire.

In an attempt to rescue both the babies of the nation from being wrapped in wool, and the sheep of our fields being frantically shorn to supply the wool, a good tip when buying clothes for any baby is the “treat others as you would have them treat you” principle. Now think about it, would you really like to wear a t-shirt that says, “I’m as cute as my Mum”? Perhaps a better option would be a retro-fit “I love Uncle Sid more that Uncle Ray” t-shirt. Not only does this shirt from Stardust provide some healthy inter-familial rivalry, it can be personalised to display the names of your very own family members. But if your heart is set on buying socks for the new arrival (socks are always a winner right?) then why not buy some in the style of fake shoes? These mini shoe socks come in a range of styles: converse for the more athletic baby, ballet pumps for the potential Darcy Bussel, or mary-jane shoes for the future fashionista…I wish they did them in my size.

Stardust Tee

One Comment

  • Knitted Cardigans UK says:

    Lol I’m now wondering what the stylish Grandma knitted cardigan looks like – plz can we have a pic? (kidding). Sorry about your poor baby cousin. Hope he’s now recovered from nearly being drowned in wool! :-))

    Katy Munro