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Fat American

Not being rude about a person across ‘the pond’ with the title of this post but referring to fatamerican.tv who have 3 new t-shirt designs to look at on their newly redesigned website. I love the model photos taken by Wheat Wurtzburger of homeless people wearing their t-shirts. I bought one of their t-shirts (Sweatshop) […]

Kindred Tees

Another review of a US t-shirt web store, this time a brand called Kindred, whose surrealistic, pioneer-inspired collection is some of the most original stuff we have ever seen screen printed on a t-shirt. American Apparel shirts (how did you guess?) and a $5 off coupon code of ‘cousineddie‘ makes this site well worth the […]

Google and T-Shirt Printing

Checking Google today, it is nice to see Indigo is in the number one spot for ‘T-Shirt Printing‘ and for ‘Promotional Clothing‘, the two big keywords for our printwear industry. Indigo’s rapid growth has been partly due to our Google ranking. We don’t employ third parties to help us (I can’t believe the number of […]