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Google and T-Shirt Printing

By 19th October 2006April 11th, 2017No Comments
Checking Google today, it is nice to see Indigo is in the number one spot for ‘T-Shirt Printing‘ and for ‘Promotional Clothing‘, the two big keywords for our printwear industry. Indigo’s rapid growth has been partly due to our Google ranking. We don’t employ third parties to help us (I can’t believe the number of people who ring up the office selling Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services) and everything we do is in accordance to Google’s guidelines. There is no ‘trickery’ going on, we are committed to building a large, usable and cleanly designed website. The good thing is, Google likes these kinds of sites too.

Indigo does help clients out with their SEO and web work should they have any needs, and equally we are happy to help non-Indigo Clothing customers out too. More about our website design skills can be found on the Indigo SEO page.