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Messing with CNN Shirt

Tom, Indigo-2's new lead web developer, has noticed, thanks to the 37signals blog, that you can have fun with the CNN headline t-shirt maker thingy…
23rd April 2008

T-Shirts in tubes

Matt recently returned from his travels in Australia and Japan and he popped into the office to show show us a 't-shirt-in-a tube' he bought…
20th March 2008

Helvetica t-shirts

For all you typography fans out there, Collapse Design have some font inspired t-shirts for sale on their website (£15 inc postage, Paypal). Interesting product…
3rd March 2008

Yahoo! Shortcuts Free T-Shirt

Yahoo! Shortcuts is a WordPress blog plugin that enhances your blog with Yahoo! content. Yahoo! are offering a free t-shirt to the first 500 bloggers…
21st December 2007

Grumpy Ghosts

Not sure about the fella with the beard but this 'Grumpy Ghosts' t-shirt from Black Sea Apparel is worth a second look. A nice bright…
20th December 2007