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40,000 visitors

By 6th December 2005April 11th, 20172 Comments

November was a busy month at Indigo, with a raft of new clients and more visitors than ever. 41,889 of you logged onto the site according to AWstats, our trusty open source stats package.

Its always interesting to see which are the most popular pages. The underwear section comes out first (probably not for all the right reasons), followed by t-shirts, hoodies and polo shirts, the core promotional clothing items.

To cope with the added demand, we upgraded to a new VPS server provided by our fantastic hosting company, Clook. Jim and the team there are fantastic and their hard work means a faster site and email system and an environment that allows us to tweak our SQL databases that little bit more.

Thank you for visiting our site and making it something worth building upon. 50,000 visits next month?


  • Alan Chance says:

    Congratulations Indigo – let’s hope for 50,000 visitors next month

  • Alex says:

    Thank you! We are averaging 1.4k visitors per day at the moment this month which would put us ahead of November but, as a certain associate would be quick to point out, Christmas is in the way and it is sure to depress this month’s figures.

    On the subject of stats, seeing an interesting Alexa rank spike.