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Reebok Blunder!

By 9th November 2015April 10th, 2017No Comments

Reebok have come under fire after managing to leave Northern Ireland off of the map of Ireland on one of their t-shirts promoting their new partnership with UFC Ireland. The t-shirts which were featured on their website, asked fans to “Show your UFC territorial allegiance with this UFC Ireland map tee”.

The T-shirt, and the accompanying slogan, have caused mass outrage. John Kavanagh, UFC Coach and owner of Dublin based Straight Blast Gym, threatened to terminate his partnership with Reebok, tweeting “An incredibly insensitive stupid divisive idea. Its removed by the end of the day or SBG is gone. I expect a sincere apology to Irish fans”. Needless to say the t-shirt was soon after removed from Reebok’s website, with Reebok stating “it was a design error”.

Glad to see Reebok removed the shirt quickly! And no, we weren’t the print partner!