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Client Services Team

Bye Bye Dickie

By 20th September 2005One Comment

Everyone’s favorite cricket fan and client services team member, Richard “Dickie” Heathcote, will be leaving Indigo today and heading up to Newcastle University to continue with this studies in Marine Biology. His days of stomping around the office, novelty light-sabers in hand, will be sorely missed. We wish him luck with his studies and hope to see his face around the office (hopefully with tongue in) soon!

One Comment

  • Fezzle says:

    I met someone who knew Dickie at the weekend – he mentioned that he’d rowed at Newcastle so I casually asked whether he knew Richard Heathcote and he looked rather confused for a few seconds before exclaiming ‘Ohh! You mean Big Gay Rich!’
    From the description, I had to agree that we were in fact talking about the same person.
    Apologies to Dickie if you’re reading this.