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Fabric bands are a big trend right now!

Resistance bands have become extremely popular over the last few years. Especially during lockdown with the increase in home workout becoming a regular occurrence in lots of peoples weekly routines. Resistance bands add an extra level of difficulty to exercises and help to build body strength. We’ve been on the hunt for a supplier of woven resistance bands. Finally, we have found a great supplier, and woven resistance bands are now part of Indigo Clothings stock list.

Resistance band material

They are usually available in latex or woven fabrics. We find woven bands provide more individuality. As often latex bands come in solid colours and most are coordinated with resistance strength. Meaning you are stuck with the colour that matches the colour-coding system and not your brand needs.

We’ve found fabric / woven resistance bands to be more comfortable and more effective for use on bare skin. Rubber or latex bands tend to pinch exposed skin and can leave you with redness or markings.

Available personalisation

Do you own a gym, are a fitness instructor or online retailer? This would be the perfect item to add to your promotional / branded collection.

  • Select from a range of colours and sizes
  • Select a range of resistance weights
  • Branding available by printing or embroidery

Want to purchase branded resistance bands?

There is a minimum order of 500pcs for this product. To find out more about woven resistant bands call us on 0800 061 2207 or request an online quote to see how we can support your requirements.