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Client Services Team

Bye Bye Eskimo

By 7th September 2007No Comments


Well… the time has sadly come for us to wave off our favourite Finnish Floozy.. Eskimo! Since starting at Indigo well over a year ago, Essi’s English has now progressed into a fully fledged cockney accent. She is also familiar with numerous street slang such as ‘biiiiatch‘ and ‘home boy‘. Excellent for a customer service job! Only jokin’ Essi!

But in all seriousness, Essi will be missed greatly. No more diet coke breaks, no more men hating sessions and no more smuggling wine up into the office! Good times!

We all want to wish Essi all the best with her travels, please keep in touch, drop us a postcard from any exotic locations you find yourself in, and enjoy the good times!

A few tips for your Aussie travels:

1. Wine in boxes/goon bags are cheap and nasty, but a must, plus the bags can be blown up and used as travel pillows.. bonus!
2. Learn to like instant noodles.
3. Take some ear plugs for use in hostels, self explanatory really!
4. When in Melbourne you really MUST visit the set of Ramsay Street Neighbours! Then go to the evening party and dance around to Dr Karl’s rock band!
5. Experience the greatest invention of all time… the DRIVE THRU bottle shops!!! AMAZING creation!
6. If you are going to steal food from other people in hostels, make sure there are no cameras! You may think you won’t do this, but when you come back drunk after a night out, someone’s mouldy bread and plastic cheese may be very appealing!
7. Cock-sucking cowboy shots. Delightful.
8. Beat the bartender – rock-paper-scissors for your drinks in backpacker bars – could save you a few bucks! Plus $5 dollar steak dinners!
9. Get a green Coles or Woolworths bag – they are sooooo useful!
10. Hang around Bondi/Manly for some hunky surfer hotties!

But most of all… have fun and keep in touch!!!!

Lots of love

All the Indigo-Goes!