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Ministry of Sound Underwear

It's always fun doing clothing for night clubs, they pick stylish items and often have fun artwork. London's notorious superclub/record label, Ministry of Sound, is…
13th February 2006

Innocent Drinks

We like Innocent. They have a cool attitude, a tasty product and great marketing. Dickie, an ex-employee of ours, used to drink bucketfuls of their…
21st November 2005


Threadless is an ongoing tee shirt design competition. Two to three designs are chosen every week from 300+ submissions to be printed and sold from…
19th November 2005


We had a caller today asking whether we could create or source corporate flags. The answer was 'yes', as we have a supplier who can…
14th November 2005

Skype – Rush Job

We like to think we work with cool comapnies and it doesn't get cooler than Skype at the moment - the internet telephony web service…
9th November 2005

Kitten Parasites

Last week I met with Bill Griffin and Phil Corbett, the people behind the deliciously eccentric Kitten Parasites brand. We printed up their t-shirts which…
7th November 2005

A Pole Lot Of Fun

We had a fun chat with Antoinette Niles from A Pole Lot of Fun today who wants to get some t-shirts and sexy underwear for…
7th November 2005

Gapingvoid t-shirts almost all gone

Stocks of Hugh's limited edition t-shirts are running pretty low, with some sizes now completely sold out. It's strictly first-come, first-served: Each gapingvoid t-shirt is…
23rd September 2005

Big Boys Rules

An artist named Amanda Appleby came to Indigo Clothing with a t-shirt printing request. She wondered if we could take some artwork she had produced…
15th September 2005

Letter from Boris

Boris Johnson, Tory MP for Henely-on-Thames, editor of The Spectator and one of the craziest guest presenters of 'Have I Got News For You' sent…
29th July 2005