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By 14th November 2005No Comments

We had a caller today asking whether we could create or source corporate flags. The answer was ‘yes’, as we have a supplier who can produce national and corporate flags, PVC banners, handwavers, sashes, table flags and bunting. So if you not just after clothing, give us a call as we love sourcing quirky product.

I also came across some ‘interesting’ flag protocol today, care of our supplier’s website:

Where there are two or more flagpoles next to one another the home national flag should be flown from the flagpole on the left when facing a building. In the event of one flagpole being taller than the others, the home national flag should be flown from the tallest.

Subject to the above, we suggest all other national flags should be placed from the left in alphabetical order.

You learn something new everyday!