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Chimp my Ride

Chimp My Ride is available on guys/girls Black tees, an Army zip hoodie, and a Black kids tee from US t-shirt store Oddica.
18th October 2006

West Ham T-Shirts Row

T-shirts were making the headline news yesterday after West Ham Football Club fans wore t-shirts with the words "Hammers vs The Mafia" across them which…
29th September 2006

English Summer

This t-shirt over at Krudmart by URBAN ARTS is just perfect for the wet August we are having here in London. Great character and this…
24th August 2006

Oddica’s Packaging

Karl Long's ( photo of Oddica's packaging proves the point that there is more to selling t-shirts than simply coming up with a design that…
20th August 2006

Junk Food Attacks

Came accross this design from French t-shirt boutique, Ugocentrik, whilst browsing the t-shirt blogs at I Love Your T-Shirt. Great design, limited edition and only…
18th August 2006

Cruel World

La Fraise, the French limited-edition t-shirt shop have more classic tee designs for sale. I couldn't resist buying this tragic-comic one, printed on an American…
7th May 2006