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Oddica’s Packaging

By 20th August 2006April 11th, 20172 Comments

Karl Long’s ( photo of Oddica’s packaging proves the point that there is more to selling t-shirts than simply coming up with a design that you think will look good. US online t-shirt store, Oddica, is building up a reputation not just for cool designs but all the extras that that add to the experience of buying their products. Trendy packaging, stickers and postcards make the buying experience so memorable that Karl even went to the lengths of photographing the envelope and putting on the web for the world to see. Do your customers do that?

We at Indigo help our clients with their finishing needs so whether it is neck labels, swing tags, bag and fold, custom packaging, distribution and warehousing, Indigo can handle this special touches for you.

Until the 31st August you get $7 off your order with the coupon code ‘tell’. Use it and get involved!


  • Nat says:

    I think this is great, the packaging is really origonal. i am studying fashion in London and have been scanning about the internet coz im looking for something like this. just wanted too let you know i think this stuff is wicked!

  • Fenton says:

    website is coming soon.
    hello, i saw the oddica packaging on your website and was wondering if you guys can do a custom print with a different design, black background and white logo? thanks