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Startup Schwag

Over in Silicon Valley, near San Francisco and home to hundreds, if not thousands, of web companies, a company exists that sends you a bag of…
7th September 2008

Transit Antenna

$Fat American$ today launch their Fundraising T-shirt Project with the release of the first in a series of shirts whose purpose it is to "keep…
17th July 2008


We all know that personalisation is the new buzz in the business world and SweetskinZ is tire company with a difference (and a very well…
22nd May 2008

Messing with CNN Shirt

Tom, Indigo-2's new lead web developer, has noticed, thanks to the 37signals blog, that you can have fun with the CNN headline t-shirt maker thingy…
23rd April 2008

1976 T-Shirt

Vintage t-shirts are still fasionable and as usual Scott Hansen's newsletter sparked my curiousity, his designs for both t-shirts and posters are so distinctive. This…
16th April 2008

Threadless Coupons

The first five thousand people to use the coupon code 'spring08' during the Threadless Spring Cleaning sale will receive $5 off their order on top…
21st March 2008