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Startup Schwag

By 7th September 2008April 11th, 2017No Comments
What your Startup Schwag bag may contain

What your Startup Schwag bag may contain

Over in Silicon Valley, near San Francisco and home to hundreds, if not thousands, of web companies, a company exists that sends you a bag of “schwag” in return for a monthly subscription. This bag of schwag is not the spoils of some bank heist but t-shirts and stickers from web 2.0 start-ups. Each month subscribers don’t really know what is going to be in this goody bag but they can be safe in the knowledge they will be sporting the latest geek logo whilst wearing a lovely soft American Apparel t-shirt (and will get some free stickers).

The concept is not new. In fact this site took up the idea from a company called RubyRed Labs in San Francisco but in April 2007 they stopped doing it. sprung up in September of the same year to fill the void.

This is a fun idea in an industry that has been churning out funky new logos for years, combinded with a fan-base that loves to wear t-shirts. I am sure a similar idea could work well for the music industry but of course there are those expensive licences, required to sell band merchandise.