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Helvetica t-shirts

For all you typography fans out there, Collapse Design have some font inspired t-shirts for sale on their website (£15 inc postage, Paypal). Interesting product…
3rd March 2008


    Travelling back from our 'work outing' in Nottingham this Sunday without my usual trashy girls mags, I was forced to read Stephan's 'boys' publications,…
4th February 2008

Grumpy Ghosts

Not sure about the fella with the beard but this 'Grumpy Ghosts' t-shirt from Black Sea Apparel is worth a second look. A nice bright…
20th December 2007

Cowgirl and Indian Princess

Design by Humans (DBH) has got some colourful new designs out this week. We particularly like this 'Cowgirl and Indian Princess' by a chap(ess) called…
12th December 2007

I listen to bands

The tee shirt "I Listen To Bands..." has been reprinted at Perfect Christmas present for all you 'indie boys' that walk around Camden…
30th November 2007
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If you, like me, dread the thought of scouring card shops for celebration cards, Christmas cards, get well soon cards, happy dog birthday cards and…
28th November 2007