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Why Choose Organic Cotton Clothing?

By 26th September 2014April 11th, 2017One Comment

“Organic” is not just a flippant product label that means “healthy.” It’s actually a very specific label that means the product has been grown without the aid of pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals. In the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and other countries, products must meet specific national requirements in order to be labelled as “organic.” Why choose organically-grown cotton for your clothing? There are plenty of great reasons.

One of the primary benefits of organic cotton clothing is that it is gentler and safer for your skin due to the lack of pesticide residue. If you have sensitive skin, organic cotton can provide immense relief from itchy, rash-producing fabrics, including many non-organic types of cotton. Soft, clean cotton fabrics are also far less likely to trigger allergic reactions during handling and wearing. Chemical-free cotton is very popular for baby clothes and blankets because of its gentle texture.

Of course, choosing organic cotton also promotes more environmentally friendly production practises worldwide. In 2003, more than 55 million pounds of pesticides were sprayed on cotton crops across the globe – not to mention the use of insecticides and fertilizers. When you make the conscious decision to purchase apparel made from organic cotton, you’re financially supporting farmers and producers who do not fill their land with chemicals.

All organically-raised crops – cotton or otherwise – are subject to the natural processes of the land. This means that pests will take their share of the crop, but it also means that the soil does not become polluted with harsh chemicals. In fact, natural strains of cotton have a tough time standing up to repeated chemical use, which is why non-organic farmers usually use genetically modified strains. GMO plants can change the environment of the soil, which often causes production companies to develop more and more altered strains of seed.

If you want soft, gentle, totally natural fabric used for your clothing, then organic cotton is for you! Think of the healthy soils the cotton will leave behind as your own personal donation to the cause.

One Comment

  • williammothermel says:


    Thanks for share your content it is informative and effective. I agree for you organic clothing is safer for our skin and its very soft and comfortable.