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What is sustainable printing all about? Is it worth all the hype? What is a company offering when they claim to be engaging in eco friendly printing methods? Answer your questions with this guide to sustainable printing and organic fabrics. 

What is eco friendly / sustainable printing?

It is also known as eco friendly printing, is largely made up of the use of sustainable fabrics and sustainable inks.

Eco friendly printing starts with where the material is sourced. Organic cotton is grown from non-GMO seeds without the use of pesticides and herbicides, so the resulting product is safer for your body and for the environment. This organic cotton t-shirt, hoodie, or tote bag will be the base of the printed end product you or your gift recipient will love.


The printing process itself can often be made more sustainable. Plastisol inks, made with plastic, are some of the dominant inks used in the typical printing process. A company interested in sustainable printing methods can use water-based inks in their screen and DTG printing, or digital direct to garment printing to limit the demand on the oil industry, reduce toxins released into the environment when making the ink, and avoid the physical and environmental hazards of plastisol ink. 


Organic fabrics and sustainable methods available at Indigo Clothing

Indigo Clothing offers a wide range of organic fabrics and organic cotton clothing. 

Choose from:

  • t-shirts
  • polo shirts
  • hoodies
  • uniforms
  • trousers
  • leggings
  • sweats
  • accessories 
  • and more

We also offer bamboo and recycled products to further simplify your life. Browse our store or get in touch to learn more.

When placing a printing order, make sure to specify that sustainable printing is important to you so we know you want to prioritise the use of all sustainable printing options over simply placing a general order.