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When is it too early to send out Christmas cards?

By 22nd November 20054 Comments

I got a touch of Christmas fever 3 weeks ago……yes I love Christmas! I think it’s more the shopping for the gifts and the thought of all the clothing I’ll be receiving. So, 3 weeks ago I hand made all my Christmas cards for friends and family which are now bundled up on a shelf in my bedroom waiting to be posted. So, when do I post the cards? This is my dilemma, as in my excitement I would have loved to post them 3 weeks ago, but thought that maybe it would be too early….and now I find myself wanting to make adjustments to the cards and waiting for 30 November 2005 to post them out! I’ve chosen December 1st to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to my mates, but just for Indigo blog readers, lemmie say: Merry Christmas………..enjoy the cold!


  • Miss Bob Blackwell says:

    Is it too early to send out Christmas cards?! Hmm… Being a ‘bird’, I’m a keen ‘buyer’ of cards, even purchasing the odd bargain in the January sales! By the time Christmas comes round once more, I’m hoping my cards are still flat, unmouldy/ un-beerstained and, furthermore, still fit for human distribution! I might be organised so far as the purchasing goes but I STILL have issues when it comes to writing the things out… I always leave it to the very last minute thinking I have LOADS of time and then, all of a sudden, Christmas is here and my cards are STILL lying underneath the couch waiting to be scribbled upon! Well, my friends, I recommend this is the LAST year we send cards. I propose that the ‘new black’ of Christmas cards in 2006 are e-Cards!?!! FAR Less hassle those – Less effort and save on stamps!!!! And anyway, we can always use the excuse that it’s good for the environment?!!! Bobs x

  • Chante' says:

    that’s not very helpful at all–you didn’t answer the question–and i have no idea cause i was wondering the same thing, lol

  • Christopher-Joel says:

    I send my cards two weeks after Thanksgiving, usually to surprise people on a Monday at longer distances when they get the mail, or to send my holiday wishes before the weekend ends, with the delivery date being on the second Saturday after Thanksgiving.

  • kc says:

    i have the same problem, but i guess if you do not care if you receive one back anywhere from dec 1 to dec 20