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Express printing – DTG

By 14th April 2015No Comments

DTG, or direct-to-garment printing is used mainly for complicated designs that contain shadings, gradients, and colour tints, or printing photographic images onto garments.

Direct to Garment printing is the newest and most exciting way to print designs on to all types of cotton garments. This form of printing involves the use of a highly modified inkjet printer with specially tested water based inks that absorb into the fibres of the fabric – the outcome is a soft to touch print that is part of the garment.

Unlike process screen printing, there are no extra charges for separations, films and screens which can increase the costs and time-frame of an order.¬† Once your artwork is ready on the system it is output directly onto the garment. It’s a speedy print method and we have been known to turn around 100 tees in just 24 hours. If you need something in a rush, please do not hesitate to contact us as the deadline may just be possible, even if it is today!

For quotes, we need to run the artwork through the machine to estimate ink consumption, so please email any images you would like prices for.

If possible, please provide the artwork as a single file (not on a template t-shirt) along with an idea of size e.g. A5 or A4 and its placement, a  positional visual is always helpful. The better quality artwork, the better the finished product!

A digitally printed t-shirt example

A digitally printed t-shirt example