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EASTfield: The death of Stratford Centre?!

By 3rd October 2011One Comment

So the countdown is over, the major stampede for first day shoppers wanting to grab opening day bargains is done! When Westfield’s Stratford opened its doors earlier this month, I was part of the group of people hugely excited about never having to trek across central London to Oxford Street again!

Whilst it is everything you would expect, an Americanised mall (sorry, I know its Australian!!), large space, big brands and huge stores, it contains names you would never have placed with ‘Stratford’. I grew up being dragged to the Stratford Centre for shopping trips with my mum. A damp run down old indoor market that smelt not dissimilar to a fish mongers! The biggest names in there included a Boots, but generally were the likes of Mark One fashion (think polyester dresses for a £5!), and the notorious ‘in shops’ consisting of indoor market stalls.

Stratford Centre

Although that’s a very old picture, and it has since been re developed, to see the opening of  brands such as Jamie Oliver, Searcy’s champagne bar, Armani jeans and Hugo boss is big news for the East end!

It’s exciting to be part of such a major change in the local area but also quite sad to think this could be the end of the Stratford centre.

One Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    Sadly part of your youth that will never see the light of day again. I was the same with East Street Market in South London when I visited London again recently. Now unrecognizable! The same with Brixton!

    Big corporate shopping malls were part of our future unfortunately, but the recession has slowed their march!

    For now!