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Own a colour and help save a child’s life

By 5th October 2011No Comments

own-a-colour-indigo-clothingIndigo Clothing are proud to have brought and named our very own shade of purple in aid of Unicef’s Own a Colour campaign to raise money to help transform children’s lives. You can choose, buy and name your very own shade from 16.7 million colours!!!

As someone who studies the solid coated pantone book just in case BBC Mastermind call, it’s no surprise I love this idea! I browsed a few already purchased colours,  some of the individual descriptions included:

  • a vivid aqua blue (not dissimilar to pantone 3125c!) which was matched to someone’s ‘favourite calm place in Cornwall’
  • a garish blue, labelled as someone’s childhood bedroom colour
  • a claret red, named after West Ham and red wine.

Yes, the last one was mine.own-a-colour-jo-myronidis

The website also has information on what colours are trending right now and a living scrapbook of images and ideas about different key season colours. You can also link your chosen colour directly to different social media outlets to help spread the word. So why not think of what a particular colour means to you and at the same time help a very worthy charitable cause.