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Gearing up for London 2012 t-shirts, hoodies and the like

By 27th July 2011April 11th, 2017No Comments

With one year to go till the London 2012 Olympics there is certainly an increasing buzz surrounding the games, whether it is the anticipation for the first dive by Tom Daley or a new world record by Usain Bolt, there is certainly a sense that something landmark is around the corner.

The atmosphere at Indigo is no different and was recently helped by a printing job we did for the International Olympic Committee and their Youth Olympic Games. The design received was the logo of the games with the tagline ‘Spirit of Youth Olympic Games’, which highlights how YOG DNA stands for an idea rather than any of the specific games.

For an order this size we do production in house and in so doing embody a little of that spirit by printing 60 t-shirts using a painstaking technique. This was done via the vinyl printing process which initially involved our ‘weeding’ workhorse Adam etching out each of the logos individually after they had been printed out (see below).


Once weeded the logos were then passed onto Steph to heat press them onto the garments, and after 60 he had broken enough sweat to warrant it as an entry into the games!

We thought the garments looked great and were pleased we could do our bit for the Youth Olympic Games. It also gave us a taster as to what to expect from London 2012, hopefully this is only the start of Olympic t-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise that Indigo can do. Lord Coe said today in reference to the athletes that “the greatest tool you have is a well-stocked shop window”, and although we may not have a shop window we’re certainly going to be well stocked and ready for the Olympic season.