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Green Supermarket

By 3rd July 2007April 11th, 2017No Comments

Online grocery shopping is getting the green touch according to the latest newsletter from Ocado ( is an online supermarket in partnership with Waitrose which delivers quality groceries to your home). I quote:

“There are so many reasons why shopping at Ocado is the greener option. Each of our vans run on a blend of biodiesel and keeps up to 20 customers off the road, reducing emissions and reducing traffic in your area.

And you can help even further. If we’re already delivering to someone in your neighbourhood we’ll show you a green van icon on the slot booking page. Choosing our unique ‘Green Van’ delivery slot means you’ll feel warm inside, we’ll feel warm inside and the world will carry on being a cool place to live.

Also remember that we deliver direct from a purpose-built fulfilment centre, rather than from a supermarket. If everyone shopped this way we would eliminate the carbon emissions from traditional stores, remove heavy goods vehicles from urban areas and free up precious land.

Did you know?
We are also in the process of changing our carrier bags. They will soon be biodegradable, made with recycled plastic, so once you’ve finished using them you can recycle them or hand them back to your Ocado driver for recycling.”

Nice to see businesses taking action rather than ‘greenwashing’.