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Has to be bespoke

By 5th February 2008May 25th, 2017No Comments

CityAM, the free London financial newspaper, that is jammed in ones face most mornings by an over-zealous, anoraked vendor at every tube and rail station in this city, has a good article about bespoke suits. I agree with the author that these are special items and once you have had a bespoke suit, going back to off-the-peg is tough!

It made me think though that the same applies to staff uniform. Make sure you don’t just give you staff matching gear (for example, many bar staff wear plain black t-shirts or blouses), make sure it is bespoke to your company, over-branded with screen printing or embroidery to best present your brand or promotion.

Also, if you are interested in bespoke suits, check out our friends at English Cut.