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25 most offensive children’s t-shirts

By 6th February 2008April 11th, 20172 Comments

Alpha Mummy, a blog on Times Online, has a good post entitled, 25 most offensive children’s T-shirts with links to the product pages. The comments are as interesting as the post itself – it seems there is a bit of controversy over whether kids should be seen in these tees, which sport slogans such, “I’m gonna be hot,” through to “iPood.”

Indigo Clothing offer a range of children’s t-shirts which can be customised with slogans.


  • Ethical says:

    I guess one persons humourous is another persons offense, but the worst of these are just plain creepy… I mean, you just wouldn’t… would you..?

  • Fancy dress says:

    I think These T-Shirts are great! they are so the year 2000.
    Kids like having fun and these shirts are just a bit of fun.