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Helly Hansen Workwear

By 22nd October 20075 Comments


Helly Hansen Workwear (HH) have a new corporate website which lists all of HH’s great products. Helly Hansen may be more commonly know as retail brand, specialising in sailing and skiing/snow boarding wear. However, they also have a workwear division which offers a range of specialist PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as waterproof gear for oil rigs, to trousers ideal for those working on construction sites. They also have a great range of accessories for their clothing such as ID tags holders, belts, mobile phone and PDA clips, meaning that HH could be an ideal one-stop-shop for companies’ work wear or outdoor uniform needs.

Indigo Clothing can supply all of Helly Hansen’s workwear range and can customise most with screen printing or embroidery techniques.


  • Tina Green says:

    I think the new Helly Hansen Workwear site is brilliant, it has everything on there you need especially for those of us that have to work outdoors or in the dark.

    {partially edited – para removed – AW}

  • jason says:

    Helly Hansen is definitely the way to go for any real sailing.

  • Lee Hetfield says:

    Our company’s bought loads of Helly Hansen stuff, from the Helly Hansen Workwear site, and it’s great.

    It’s good to know that you’re wearing decent well-respecting clothing when you’re outside in the cold and wet trying to repair stuff! And it’s still got our company logo on it.

    Better than the old stuff we used to have to wear wihich was rubbish and fell to bits after a couple of washes!


  • workwear says:

    I have to say, although it’s quite pricey the quality of the clothing is out of this world. We have been ordering off them for a couple of months now and everyone has been happy with the quality. It’s out performed many rival brands like dickies and regatta, which is saying a lot.

    I have noticed in recent years there has been a lot of focus more towards “fashionable” workwear and outdoor clothing. It’s funny how we worry about our appearance even when we are up to our knee’s in wet cement or covered in hi-gloss paint!

  • Embroidered Aprons says:

    Finally, some stylish workwear! At least now we can look the part when were out on site. I ordered some of the heavy duty jackets a few weeks back as the weather has been terrible and they are so warm and snug!! Well worth that little bit extra.

    On the down side, everyone thinks you’ve got loads of cash to waste because your dirtying a ‘Helly Hansen’ Jacket with gloss! =)