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New Office for Indigo

By 1st June 2006May 25th, 2017No Comments

The blog has been quite for the last few weeks as we have been in the process of moving offices. At this moment Dave and John, East-End locksmiths, are adding a five-lever mortice to our suite on the 8th Floor of Bucklersbury House, in the City of London, handily located near the Bank of England (we make the kit for their netball team by-the-way). Oddly this building has three addresses, 46 Cannon St, 11 Walbrook and 3 Queen Victoria Street, that is how big the building is! We are sticking with the 11 Walbrook address (EC4N 8EL).

For those of you that don’t know a bit about our geographical history, Indigo Clothing started in Cambridge (UK), supplying students with clothing. The registered office was always in Maidenhead, where our paperwork was handled. We moved to Bucklersbury House two years ago and shared an office with a financial services advertising agency called Allison Mitchell. It was a great relationship (and still is), but things are getting very busy around here, with new clients and big accounts appearing on a daily basis. The time had come for more desks and storage for the bundles of samples that lived under, and over, our desks. We loved the City though, we liked Alan, Roger, Tim and the rest of the crew at Allison Mitchell so we decided to take up a lease in the same building (shame it is being knocked down in 2007 so that Lord Foster can put something more attractive in it’s place as we’ll have to move again). Being so close to Allison Mitchell means Tim can keep pestering Jo and Essi and we have access to a world class team of graphic designers on Apple Mac G5’s, who can handle the artwork needs of our clients.

We took some photos with the camera-phone as we were moving in, so you can check out where we work. We have an amazing view, a great location and a new team in place. All we need know if for BT to get their “A-into-G” and we can get phone lines back as it has been a little fraut dealing with mobile phones instead.

We share the building with Legal and General, the Bank of Montreal and the City of London Police. We welcome visitors but as a result of our landord and fellow tennats being who they are, the building has tight security so visits must be strictly by appointment, please feel free to arrange to visit if you are in the neighborhood.

It is all very exciting…