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Organic Development

By 27th November 2006April 11th, 20173 Comments

Sorry to keep harping on about ethical and organic clothing but as our little industry goes this (along with direct-to-garment printing, which is a whole other story) is the most disruptive force in the market place at the moment.

In the next few days we’ll let you know more about Continental exciting foray into the ‘eco-arena’ but in the meantime, SAF announced they will be the first trade supplier certified to Soil Association standard.

SAF continues to increase its range of products with the addition of raglan sweatshirts in December. Available in black and atlantic blue, in sizes S – XL, these sweats are 280gsm 100% organic cotton and as soon as we have more product specs we’ll be putting them on the catalogue.


  • Elliott says:

    I guess this should hot-up competition in the organic suppliers world then! Looking forward to learning more about Continental.

  • Organic Development says:

    In what vein is the term organic development used here? We use organic development as a term to refer to living systems that grow or shrink naturally. SO we offer business services that encourage ‘organic development.

  • Alex says:

    We are using it in relation to the growth of the organic apparel product range available in our market.