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Client Services Team

Pork Chop

By 14th August 20062 Comments

It is with sadness in our hearts that we say good bye to ‘Porkchop’ (aka Andy, Choppo, PC, Chocco, Chopper, Chocco Pops, Meatball). He worked with us for four weeks in the summer, helping sort out the samples and sorting job files, adding product to the database and getting Lainey Diet Cokes and waving paper to keep Jo cool.

He will be remembered most for:

  • Loving Gary Lineker
  • Thinking Sara Lee was a make of cheese.
  • Thinking organising the samples cupboard involved throwing everything in and quickly locking the door.
  • Spending 5 hours folding boxes.
  • Fetching cans of Stella on a Friday afternoon.

If any other employer is keen on hiring someone with his skills we would happily furnish them with a reference.


  • Gary L says:

    Personally this chocco pop fella sounds like a dude…

    Ok well thats because it is me! hello indigo crowd…made me laugh after a hard days digging.The dig is pretty cool with some good folk around,however i will be glad once its over and then i can enjoy a few more weeks of freedom.

    Just cooked a wicked spag bol 4 my current and temporary housemates,went down a treat.

    Choppo’s rant:
    5hours folding boxes?!(dont remember this)
    Cupboard cleaning was an organized mess!
    Lineker loves me(not the other way around)
    The stella’s and wine was pure rock n roll.
    Jo never had the pleasure of my fan skills
    Lainy aka Lamo will just have to get mike 2 get them!

    Well im sure your not having as much fun as i am but ive got to head,all the best…and mikey-dont take the indi go-go girls crap!

    PORKCHOP ……the one and only suckulent meatball

  • Jo says:


    We miss you!! Gary misses you!
    When are you coming back?!