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Client Services Team

Super Mum

By 26th October 2006April 10th, 2017No Comments
Kate Myronidis
When we had a request at short notice, to supply some promotional tees for this year’s Motor Show, we decided to put our services to the test! We had to turn the tees around sharpish for the fast approaching high profile press day.Now, like any company who uses couriers will know, there are always certain ‘uncontrollable’ factors that affect whether or not they actually do what it says on the tin. Traffic, weather conditions, you get the picture. Well we found ourselves stuck in one of these ‘situations’ with the box of t-shirts being held at the depot instead of being sent to the client. What do you do in a time of need…. Cry to mummy? Well…. Actually… Yes! (minus the crying part).

Kate (mine and Vicky’s mum) jumped to the rescue, gladly donning an indigo tee, she made sure the t-shirts were delivered safely in good time! Phew! Many thanks to Kate from the Indigo Team!

[Written by Jo Myronidis, Client Services Manager]