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London Elects

London nervously awaits the results of the Mayoral elections 2008, wondering which clown won. Indigo Clothing screen printed the t-shirts for the 'London Elects' staff,…
2nd May 2008

Messing with CNN Shirt

Tom, Indigo-2's new lead web developer, has noticed, thanks to the 37signals blog, that you can have fun with the CNN headline t-shirt maker thingy…
23rd April 2008

1976 T-Shirt

Vintage t-shirts are still fasionable and as usual Scott Hansen's newsletter sparked my curiousity, his designs for both t-shirts and posters are so distinctive. This…
16th April 2008

British Library

I used the British Library for the first time last Thursday. An incredible building not far from the Indigo Clothing offices and near Kings Cross…
6th April 2008